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So usually I spam my instagram followers (my friends and sister) with my Pokemon. I decided I could post them here and harass anyone with enough misfortune to stumble across my blog!

Mt trainer with my gengar "Tol boi"

My Jigglypuff "Poofball"
My aerodactyl "PurpleDragon"
My Dratini "SeaSneep"
My starter pokemon a charmander named "Smol boi"
Annnd my favorite my flareon named "Fire Fox"

I started the game with the Charmander. Got the Aerodactyl from a egg I hatched. Flareon was stuck as a Eevee for the longest time. I kept trying to find eevees to trade for candy but for the longest time none were in the area I live. I had to go pretty far to get enough candy ha. The other I got within the past three weeks. Gengar was my favorite catch. I found him in a completely empty Kmart parking lot. The only pokemon there. Gengars also happen to be one of my favorite pokemon, along with Flareons.

These are only my favorite Pokemon. Yeah my charmander and dratini are pretty weak right now but nothing that good ol' grinded up Pokemon treats can't handle.

First Post

Sep. 25th, 2016 02:00 am
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So I created this blog about a month or so ago and hadn't posted anything on it--until now. The reason why I even made this blog was because of the rumors that Tumblr wasgoing to get axed, but now I still think I'll use this blog. I'll use this for my musings about gaming, writing, reading etc.

So see you in the future I guess.


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